Rights Policy

I. Introduction

At Scaleup Yazilim Hizmetleri A.S, the creators of Mimic AI: Photo Face Animator, we place significant emphasis on confidentiality, intellectual property rights, including copyrights, and the protection of personal data. Our commitment to transparency is paramount. In this section, we offer information on copyrights, personal rights, and data subject rights.

Here, you'll find details on how to safeguard your copyrighted works, as creators, and avoid infringing on the copyrights of others. Additionally, we outline how Scaleup Yazilim Hizmetleri A.S (referred to as "Scaleup" hereafter) handles claims of copyright or personal rights infringement. Lastly, we provide information on how data subjects can submit requests in accordance with relevant data protection legislation.

II. Infringements on Copyright and Personal Rights

Creators must only upload materials they have produced or are authorized to use. Infringing on copyrights or personal rights is strictly prohibited. The unauthorized use of copyrighted material, violation of personal rights, or infringement of privacy will result in a violation of Scaleup's policies.

If you genuinely believe that materials transmitted or created through the Mimic AI: Photo Face Animator app (referred to as "App" and materials as "Material/s") infringe your copyright, personal rights, or privacy, you can notify Scaleup by completing the form below. This publicly accessible form is suitable for most users. It's important to note that Scaleup is not responsible for verifying the information provided in the forms and assumes the information is accurate.

Not all uses of copyrighted material constitute infringement. Exceptions to copyright infringement may allow the use of works under certain circumstances without the authorization of the copyright owner. After filling out the provided form, Scaleup will consider these situations based on your country of residence and make the best effort to protect your rights.

What happens when ScaleUp Yazilim Hizmetleri is the hosting provider, in other words, is not the creator of the Material and in other situations?

When Scaleup is the hosting provider, efforts will be made to contact the content provider and request the removal of the material.

When Scaleup is the content provider, efforts will be made to remove the material only if it infringes on copyrights or personal rights.


If you believe someone has wrongly filed a notice against you, you may send a counter-notice to info@mimicapp.co. Scaleup reserves the right to suspend or terminate app usage for anyone suspected of repeated infringement.

Company Title: Scaleup Yazilim Hizmetleri A.S


E-mail: info@mimicapp.co

Copyright or Personal Right Infringement Form

  1. Name and Surname: .... (Type your name and surname)
  2. Information on the Right Ownership: .... (Enter relevant information. Are you contacting us on your behalf or on behalf of someone else? Provide a proxy/power of attorney if contacting on behalf of someone else.)
  3. Contact Information: .... (Type your contact information such as Postal Address and E-mail Address)
  4. Rights Owner's Country: .... (Enter the rights owner’s country)
  5. Provide links, screenshots, or relevant information to locate the infringing material: .... (Provide your documents)
  6. State why you are reporting the material (personal right infringement, copyright, or other rights): .... (Type your reporting reason)


(In the email, you must add a section and paste the text below)

  • I accept and undertake that:
  • I believe that the alleged use of the relevant material is not authorized by the copyright owner, its representative, or the law.
  • Misuse of this form (e.g., sending a request to remove content that I do not own) may result in consequences against me.
  • I am the owner or authorized representative of the exclusive right, and the information provided is accurate.

Please copy the “Copyright or Personal Right Infringement Form” above and answer the questions with your data. Then, send an email with relevant information and documents to info@mimicapp.co so that we’ll take necessary actions about your claims.